Michael Nichols


Michael Nichols

By Chas Hungler
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Over the past couple of years it has been my good fortune to do business with cdsPRINT Express.
My name is Michael Nichols and I am a technical writer for M-I SWACO, a global oilfield equipment and support company, and work out of their SWECO facility in Florence Kentucky. I have worked with quite a few document print companies in the past and when I started working with cdsPRINT Express I expected a professional and high quality print of the technical manuals I write and ship with our equipment, cdsPRINT Express had no problem meeting and even exceeding that expectation.
What I did not expect were the creative and cost effective suggestions they had about binding and packaging those manuals in a way that greatly enhanced the presentation quality of the finished documents shipped to our customers. In addition to the high quality documents cdsPRINT Express has helped us produce, their diverse experience in manufacturing and business practices has been an invaluable resource for me to improve the internal processes needed to efficiently manage the high flow volume of those documents to our customers.
I consider cdsPRINT Express staff to be partners with us as we successfully meet our customers documentation needs.

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