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Packing and Shipping services

No time to drive over to pick up your work? Don’t worry, cdsPRINT express can deliver your order to your client or directly to you!

Let us know if this just-in-time service is needed, we’ll be happy to drive it right over!

Additional Rates Apply.

We Love to Scan Documents!


Don’t know the difference between a PDF and a TIFF? We can scan your documents for you to the various export formats you require for a digital project. We can make all of the file conversions necessary and burn the files to CDs.

Our document scanner can produce your files in either legal, letter or tabloid sizes in black and white or full color.

We can scan text documents to PDF, TIFF, or JPG formats. We can also scan blueprints to file in ANSI and ARCH sizes compatible to either TIFF, JPG, or PDF file formats.

Targeted Mailing

Shipping and mailing services

We have the best solutions for your targeted mailings.

Our staff will Develop the graphics, mail your literature, postcards, or newsletters. We can obtain mailing lists targeted to your demographics and print and deliver everything for you to the post office completely sorted according to USPS bulk mail permit regulations. cdsPRINT express makes it completely turnkey — saving you time and energy!

Summary of Our Mass Mailing Services:

Target mailing addresses can be ordered for either one time use or one year use. Standard rates and minimums apply.

Mailing lists can be acquired using in-depth search criteria by radius, income, children, pets, etc. We can validate your addresses for accuracy and thus incorporate lower postage rates.

We can use your customer database for printing directly on your mail items, or print labels from your database for application later. Some datafile conversion charges may apply.

Our staff can stuff, address, fold and seal your mailings. We can mail small postcards, large postcards, barcoded and non-barcoded #10 envelopes as well as First Class within and outside of the Cincinnati Metro area.

Call us and let us answer any questions you have about targeted mailings for your business.

When Tomorrow Isn’t Soon Enough!

mailing services

Let us keep our fax machine on for you 24 hours a day. We’ll keep the paper and toner stocked and ready to receive or send your fax volume.

Our fax service is perfect for consumers or commuters working from home who need to occasionally send a fax to document service issues or submit a signed original form.

Give us a call to make your fax arrangements or fax your order to us. Our machines are always on!


  • What is a Targeted Mailing List?

    A targeted mailing list is a type of mailing list that is directed at a certain group of people based on some attribute they share, such as age, gender, location or shopping patterns. A targeted mailing list has a number of applications, particularly in marketing and politics. By targeting a specific mailing group, marketing is aimed at those most likely to be interested while saving money on printing and postage for those who are not.

    Targeted mailing lists can be used in a number of ways. A grocery store might want to advertise a special sale to frequent shoppers within a few miles of the store. It can create a list of shoppers in the same ZIP code who spent more than $100 last week. In politics, a candidate might want to send a mailing to voters in a county who are frequent voters. He could create a list of people in the same political party who voted in the last three elections.

  • How Do Courier Companies Maintain Security & Chain of Custody Effectively?

    Couriers provide a rush or direct delivery from shipper to consigned service that is conducted on a business-to-business transaction model. As such, nearly 99 percent of businesses requesting deliveries are repeat customers, and “known” to the courier company, have a long-standing relationship with the courier firm and use the same physical locations for their transactions. This further reduces risk and adds a layer of security in the courier delivery supply chain.

  • Who Invented the Fax Machine?

    The first fax machine was invented by Scottish mechanic and inventor Alexander Bain. In 1843, Alexander Bain received a British patent for “improvements in producing and regulating electric currents and improvements in timepieces and in electric printing and signal telegraphs”, in laymen’s terms a fax machine.

    Several years earlier, Samuel Morse had invented the first successful telegraph machine and the fax machine closely evolved from the technology of the telegraph.

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